Languages & Origins in Europe:  Phonetics Database



Languages and ‘Dialects’ of Northern Italy



You can listen to our recordings in two different ways:

•   Comparison Tables:  compare how the same word is pronounced in many different regions.  Each comparison table covers five words.

•   Single Language Tables:  pick a single region to hear how all 100 words are pronounced in that region’s language or accent.


To start loading the table you want, click on any of the links in yellow below, then please be patient! — it may take a minute or so to load all the sound files into memory, however fast your internet connection.  (The instant playback function is worth the wait, however…)




Comparison Tables


Single Language Tables

Table 1: 

one — two — three — four — five


all words in:  Ladino  (Ortisei, Dolomites, NE Italy)

Table 2: 

six — seven — eight — nine — ten


Many more languages coming soon!

Table 3: 

hand — arm — finger — nail — foot



Table 4: 

ear — eye — tear — tongue — tooth



Table 5: 

sky — moon — earth — sea — water



Table 6: 

beast — goat — egg — horn — wool




Many more words coming soon!







For this first demonstration version of our database, the comparison tables above cover:

•   The first thirty of the full total of one hundred words.

•   The ‘dialects’ of six regions of northern Italy.

•   For comparison it also includes three ‘reference varieties’:

–  ‘Standard’ Italian (with a Northern accent, from Brescia).

–  ‘Standard’ French (with a Parisian accent).

–  Assumed pronunciations in Classical Latin, following the analysis in the book Vox Latina, by W. Sidney Allen. 
(Note:  the transcriptions are not for Vulgar Latin, which was actually the true ancestor of the Romance languages.)

The remaining 70 words, and many more regional languages and dialects, will be added soon.


The single language tables include all 100 words for that language, arranged in alphabetical order of the equivalent word in Standard Italian.